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COVID-19 has forced many stores to shut up shop and move online. But what if you’ve never had an online presence? How do you reach customers, create a commercially viable business model and build trust and credibility?

For both individuals and registered businesses, SHOPieX makes it easy to set up and start selling online.

SHOPieX also makes it easy to list your products or present products based on similar sold items by other registered sellers for you to resell the same. It seamlessly works with local delivery partners and courier service providers countrywide where you can book these directly on SHOPieX.

Your parcel information is then automatically added to the order and provides peace of mind as both the seller and buyer have access to the tracking number and parcel status supported with 24/7 of customer service.

You're Branding, Not Just Selling

SHOPieX's branding potential isn't what it used to be (thanks to the introduction of things like the links policy), but on other platforms, there's virtually no branding ability.

• You can't have a "presence" on other platforms.

• Shoppers interact with these platforms, not with you.

• Shoppers will see almost no evidence of the differences between sellers on other platforms, much less anything that could be called "personality" or seller "identity."

• SHOPieX, on the other hand, offers easy-to-use-and-customize storefronts to businesses, seller-created item descriptions, and About Me pages, and puts seller member IDs and feedback front and center in listings.

• For the time being, sellers still maintain an identity on SHOPieX that is separate from SHOPieX's identity, something impossible on other platforms.

Instant Trust (Just Add Products!)

The vast majority of SHOPieX shoppers do trust it. It has a customer satisfaction rating of 89% as of 2021.

Customers buying on SHOPieX have protection against scams and bad service.

Having SHOPieX act as a third-party arbitrator means customers feel much safer going out on a limb and buying from you, even if they’ve never heard of your company before.

That translates into you having to work much less for each sale.

No Monthly or hidden fees

While other platforms typically charge about 15% plus other fees per sale, SHOPieX usually charges 5% (though it's closer to 8% when you count payment processing like PesaPal).

The fees can quickly add up on either website, but the lower percentage on SHOPieX means you will generally make a bigger profit per sale there.

Plus, you can drop your fees even lower by becoming a Top-Rated Seller or subscribing to SHOPieX Store plan.

Seller App for (iOS and android)

It’s needless to say how apps are necessary for our business, and you will need an app solution to scale up your e-commerce business to the next level.

SHOPieX brings you seller App. to ensure the smooth running of your store just from your mobile!

SHOPieX store manager App. - This primarily is a FREE app for sellers, which will allow them to manage their business through this app.

Efficient Selling Channel

SHOPieX platform was found to be an efficient selling channel compared to selling directly on any social media channel.

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